This weekend we had an enjoyable and huge game of IABSM.

There were almost 2 companies each side (counting tanks and so).

It took a little over 6 hours to come to our conclusion.

As it was early in the Ardennes offensive the Germans had quite a lot of new interesting armour, but the americans on the other hand had plenty of bazookas and AT guns.

Obviously my overall commander rode the Kingtiger! And just as obviously it was immobilised due to lack of gas almost in the start of the game... pah! My signature bad luck!

A more detailed battle report will follow, but I think I committed the same mistake as the Germans originally - letting my infantry go first and the tanks follow up... should've been the other way around. But cards, and random movement saw to a change in that.

Steen had really outdone himself with the written instructions we received. He had also knocked the terrain up a notch by adding King & Kerr ruins. Nice touch. The beer and coffee just made it even better!

Mark spoke about getting hold of some Brits...so I assume our hook worked as planned. And we shan't let him off it again - Brits it is then Mark! Late war would be quite fitting.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day! I can't wait till next time!

Whenever we decide to use this many troops again, we discussed having two Tea Breaks in the deck. The turn not ending before the draw of the second. And perhaps grouping more troops on each card. It get's a bit too weird at times when your tanks roaring forward one turn, and then doesn't get their card for the rest of the game!

Here's just a few pix:


Two shermans and a US platoon makes an easy target...


...for the oncoming Panzer zug with a KING TIGER!


Unfortunately my signature bad luck sees to it that the Tiger is immobilised,
the StuG gets it, and only the Pz IV is able to engage anything further...