Somewhere in Russia


I met up with two guys from the local club. I had been asked to bring with me all of my PzIV's and all my infantry!

Søren from the Glory in Russia would this time try the Russians and I would take care of the Jerries. The game was set up by Henrik who quickly improvised the forces and terrain. A bring and battle of sorts.

I had a full infantry company with an extra SS platoon in Blitzes. To aid them in the taking of a little Russian village was 6 Pz Iv's and 2 StuG's. Some 10 mortars had also found their way to the battlefield along with their buddies of the 10th MG-34 Gruppe. ahem!

Before setting up I asked whether I knew that enemy troops where in wait. Apparently I did. So I opted not to column everything on the road. Good choice! I spread them out over the whole area 12'' from my table edge

I tried to drive my troops forward using every opportunity to move doing so. The idea was that I would hopefully be able to storm some of the positions in the village under cover fire from my tanks. If I was fast enough it would even be with relatively fresh troops.

I quickly ran into some unspotted difficulties.

A pair of AT guns sitting in a bush waiting to get assaulted would be first priority. I had advanced everything as far as it could, and the AT's were hailing my three F2's. I got an infantry platoon up and ready to charge the guns. Unfortunately I drew the platoon card before the armour. I chose to charge anyway, as they were in a bad position and liable to fire from any direction. What I had missed was a little marker behind the AT's. This proved to be a blind with a lot of soviet SMG gunners!

The attack was a scandal! And it saw me throwing out a whole platoon of perfect nazis!

On the other flank things were coming along more nicely. My infantry cooperated well with the MMG position I had set up. All in all the soviets in the field didn't have much of a say in the way things would be going.

My SS rolled over the bridge to help and assist the Wehrmacht soldiers making fools of them selves against the AT guns. The SS quickly made an end of it and brought things back where they should be. Having four initiative dice is very very very good!

My tanks had supported the troops very well. Perhaps one would have expected just a tad bit more of them, but on the whole I was satisfied.

We ended the game soon after this - my initial advance - due to time constraints. Two companies on each side isn't over in 4 hours.