PM: Inside the Perimeter 2


The Italians suffered from Poor Discipline early in the game and had to deploy the bulk of their forces on their start line (still out of sight due to the heavy dust/smoke). 

The Aussies sent Sgt Bruce off for the captured anti-tank gun (ATG) at the first opportunity: it arrived very quickly, one Tea Break apart IIRC. 

Zippee & Gerard

The Italian tanks struggled to move in the soft sand between the construction sites, the infantry were reluctant to move out of the construction sites. One tank repeatedly broke down. The Turn cards arrived quickly so the supporting Bofors and Matilda arrived at the same time as the Italian ‘attack’ by two Blinds on the front left of the Aussie trenches (one Blind was a dummy, the other another platoon of five tanks).

The platoon of tanks was promptly spotted and received a hail of anti-tank rifle (ATR) fire, the tanks halted and conducted area HE fire at the trenches. This went on for a couple of turns, resulting in a dead ATR team in 7 Platoon (lead trench). Then the ATG and Bofors opened up and one by one the tanks were knocked out and/or abandoned. Results of the duel between the ATG and tank: score five dead tanks, five dead Aussie crew. 

The ATRs kept up a hail of fire which while not destructive in itself certainly proved irksome, often forcing retirements and the like. Even the Matilda had a go from the baseline with some success, unfortunately she then tried to move and immediately permanently bogged down and with that any thought of an Aussie counter-attack against the two Italian companies and second tank platoon faded. 

[L to R] Zippee's head; Sid, Nick, Joe & Egg

The only infantry action was late in the game when one Italian company spattered the lead Aussie trench with ineffective fire. In retaliation 1st Section 7th Platoon returned fire under direction of Lt Nash and shot an Italian dead. Thus ended the infantry ‘battle’. 

Final score I believe was seven dead Aussies, one dead Italian and five burning tanks – heck the Aussies still had a platoon under a blind at the end, which tells you something about the static nature of the game.



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