Somewhere in the

South West Pacific


Michael Broadbent an I tried out the IABSM rules with the Rising Sun supplement by the Lardies on a small game to test out the mechanics of the rules. Of course we had a few teething problems which I'll be addressing with the group forum, but overall we were very happy with the outcomes.

My own painted force of Japanese of two squads (one with lmg the other with knee mortar [sniper included in one of the sections]) and one Hollywood Japanese Big Man pitted against two Elite Aussie squads (sniper, 2in mortar included) with two Big Men, one HMG and a platoon of medium mortars in support. The latter was not on board.

I split my two sections up the protect the bunker with the lmg inside the bunker and a small screen of flankers and forward outpost. A reserve of Japanese was situated behind the bunker on another feature.

Michael's forces advance up the centre with a flanking force and destroyed the outpost and sniper. The lmg open up an inflicted a number of casualties. I decided a Banzai charge was on offer and so charged his flanking force only to take more kills including the big man then Michael. We called it there, but it was only to test out the rule system and we will be gaming more of this period in a few weeks when Michael paints up more Aussies an I finish painting a further section of Japanese with some support weapons.

Here are some photos of the game using Michael's terrain. The figures are all from Company B/Brigade Games. The Type 95 is from the same company and was thrown in for some eye candy. This was my first attempt at painting an AFV. Oh, and I've worked out a better way in painting my Japanese, in particular their faces etc.

Please enjoy an I do recommend the rule system to anyone who has been chasing the grail for a long time.