Igloo Con 2011


On Saturday the Scandinavian Lardies had a day out at what will from now on be known as IglooCon. It is actually called FlemCon because it is held at the College Campus in Flemingsberg.


The scenario was a continuation of the Barbarossa game we played at PengCon with all drop-in players taking the roles of commanders in a Kampfgruppe thrown together of anything that was near-by and ordered to move as fast as possible along the road to Minsk as reports indicated light resistance. The reports were half right. The resistance was thin, but it was hard. It took the Germans all day to make it halfway across the table and many a brave Aufklärungs soldier fell flushing out the Soviet troops waiting in ambush.


The Soviet side was handled by our own pseudo-celebrity Fredric and his trusty Commissar Roos. Umpires were yours truly and Laffe, with Jocke being Chief Intelligence Officer, in charge of explaining the rules to the players. It certainly helps that he works in a nuclear power plant and can look calm, collected and relaxed under any conditions!


We had a great game, everyone had fun (I think) and a several players left with out info folder, hopefully some of them will contact us again. IABSM3 is a very, very good system and the game ran smooth most of the time, even though we had to stop and look up rules a few times.

Thomas Nissvik


Before the action, seen from the German side:


Embedded Reporter/Commissar Roos fulfilling the first half of his job description:


Before the action:


Game board seen from the Soviet side with the German commanders lined up:


Jonas, another Jonas, Alexander, two visitors (did not get their names), Jocke, Laffe and Bohm:


The farm, just before it really kicks off. The German armoured car has shot at the Russian, causing it to lose actions next turn and damaging its gun sight, as indicated by the markers.


The farm and a lot of Shock dice waiting to be used:


Panzer Marsch! Most of the Soviet ambush has been cleared and the armour rolls forward towards Minsk:


The farm and the main road. Flames in the trees behind the farm indicate where flame throwers were used to flush out Russian infantry in ambush:


Things are getting hot on the Soviet right flank. The AT-gun is about to get rushed by Grenadiers who have just taken out the MG bunker that was supposed to protect the gun position:


Gotcha! The BA-6 at the farm take out an armoured car while the supporting infantry scare off infantry. The prone Russian in front of the burning vehicle is just a marker to indicate that a Russian sniper operates in the area:


The Soviet commander, Bohm (standing) and his trusty Commissar Roos (seated). The hand belongs to German player, Fredrik.


The board seen from the Russian side. German armoured cars are burning on both sides of the farm house:


German armour rushes forward:


German armour rush up the middle of the board, past the farmhouse and the burning wrecks of both a German and a Soviet armoured car:


The Cavalry arrives...on the last turn. The KV-2 arrived too late to make a difference, but it look great on the table!