The Essel Bridgehead


6mm game using IABSM! rules played on 30th June 2007 with Rick Edelblute as the Germans; Dennis as British armour; and me, Mark Luther as British infantry. Loosely based on accounts in No Triumphant Procession. 

13th April 1945: 3RTR and the KSLI of British 11th Armoured Division versus the remnants of some SS infantry and parts of Kampfgruppe (KG) Loetze.

Mark Luther



Battlefield from British Start Line

The blue/brown area to the right of the road and the center is flooded and could cause some problems for armour. The area in the foreground was seized by the British the day before.

Battlefield from the German side

KG entered on the road here. German SS already in place on the board.

British HQ

The HQ of the British infantry and FOO.

German Forlorn Hope

German Forlorn Hope coming under fire.

British Advance

Leading British sections coming under fire from first line of German defenders.

Armour to the Front

British recce getting passed by Comets.

British Recce Stuarts & Comets

The recce Stuarts are blazing away at the German infantry as the Comets pull up alongside.

This Could Be Bad

Comets managed not to get bogged, but now have a bigger problem

Hidden Tiger

As the Brits cross the boggy ground they spy a Tiger.

KG Loetze

This was actually part of KG Grosan. The SdKfz 251/22 not in historic action but added to the game for some needed evenhandness

Tigers and SPGs

Business end of Hauptman Loetze's unit.


Four (not even close) misses with 500 pound bombs didn't slow down the German armour

German Guns Moving Into Position

Tigers by the roadblock and SdKfz 251/22 in the field.

Tigers taking advantage of cover

Overview of British Advance

Stuarts gunning down a 'jaeger as it attempts to Panzerfaust them. British infantry resume the advance.

Stuarts in the Lead Again

After taking out the unlucky panzerjaeger, the Stuarts press on.

Stuarts Moving Out Of The Way

Comets taking up position while the Stuarts try to get out of harm's way.

Brits Moving to First Objective Line

The second platoon is moving up to the field as tanks take the center.

First Victim

Trading fire with Tigers probably not going to work out that well.

Stuart Recce and SPG

Stuart recce attempting to shoot up the SdKfz 251/22 from the rear.

SPG Awaits

The Comets have passed the abandoned Tiger but now have another hurdle.

PIATs on Target

British infantry managed to land a PIAT on the SPG. The SdKfz had just run out of fuel at that spot the turn before.

British Infantry Trading Fire

The Germans in the woods to the right are causing some casualties.

One Tiger Left

Ranging round is close. The Tiger on the right has just been KO'd in the flank by the Comets. The other SPG is already smoking.


Comets swung out wide to take on already brewed up SPG.

Smoking SPG and Stuart Recce

The Stuart recce is behind the SPG and building. The PIAT hit saved at least one Comet.

Two Comets Down

The first two Comets went up quickly but the middle one survived.

PIAT Strike

The infantry manages to get in close and undetected after the Stuart recce is smoked by the SPG's partner.


Empty but Effective

The abandoned Tiger that held up the British left flank for a couple of turns.


After escaping a potential ambush by the SPG, these Comets were able to take out the remaining SPG and a Tiger.

Comets moving past scareTiger

No Big Cats to worry about, the Comets move up.

SdKfz 251/22

Searching for targets.

Recon Troop

Stuart recce troop using treelines for cover.

Typhoons to the Front

Bomb carrying Tiffies hunting for some targets.