Germans Retreat


This game represents an attempt to get a retreating German Column across a couple of waterways...

Mark Luther

German starting position

The road column must go over the first bridge, down this road, and cross the far bridge.

From West to East

Overhead view of the table from the western edge.

The big bridge

This is the wide river and the wooden bridge that the Pioneers must secure.

German startline

The German column will start on the left (eastern) side of the stream.

Wagons Ho!

Besides the Marders and Bison, there are two infantry platoons with a few Pzfst 30s; two MMG sections; a three tube medium mortar battery; and (very importantly) a 37mm AA gun and a 20mm AA gun, both towed.

Riding shotgun

The main mobile defence of the column is two Marders and a single Bison.

The Panzers

Forming the spearhead of the column are three StuG IIIs. They will carrying a platoon of grenadiers with a few Pzfst 30s. A section of Pioneers will accompany this group.

Desanti ala Shermans

Lend lease M4A2(75mm) with tankriders. The Soviets have a platoon of SMGers spread out over eight Shermans. The lack of handholds made me decide to only put half a squad /tank


The VVS owns the skies though and will have some flying lend-lease assets such as these P-39s


The even deadlier IL-2s

First turn

The Blinds are laid. The German lead unit is on the road in the center. All other Blinds on the road are dummies. The Soviets have a recon unit of three T-34/76s and five M-3 scouts near the river. The other Blinds near the woods are dummies.

First action

Action get started quickly. The StuGs drop off the infantry and the M3 head to cover along the hedge, concentrating their fire at the grenadiers in the orchard to the right of the building.

Soviet scouts heading for cover

StuGs get first hits on the T34s, but the German infantry is getting chewed up in the orchard.

Germans taking hits

Meanwhile the truck with the Pioneers has dashed towards the bridge. The German Big Man heads to the orchard to rally the hurting squad.

Action continues

Scouts in cover. T34s holding their own. Bad dice rolls keeping the T-34s in the game. Even the panzerfausts are crapping out.

M3s try to rush the bridge

The M3s attempt to use their .50cals to take the bridge. The Pioneers take a couple of hits, but MGs and Panzerfausts drive off the scout cars.

The StuGs overrun the scouts

After silencing the T34s, two of the StuGs charge the scouts and scatter them. Things are looking good for the head of the column.

Road is pronounced clear

Time to move out. Marders take the lead followed by a trucked infantry platoon and a towed 20mm AA

Not all clear!

Shermans with tankriders move on.

Can't stop now

The column needs to press on.

Time to get off these crates

Shermans fan out as they come on, their SMG armed riders scramble for cover.

Shermans versus StuGs

The StuGs are now in quite the fight.

Free for all

Shermans attempt to go around the StuGs. Flank shots are telling.

Battle rages

About half the M4s are hit, smoking or abandoned at this stage, but are still getting past the lead StuGs. The T34 in the foreground is abandoned after losing its main gun and suffering an engine hit.

Sherman breaking through

This could be real trouble for the column. Remaining StuG is in a potential M4 sandwich.

Keep moving

Column slows as more explosions are seen up ahead.

Only one StuG left

Lots of brewed up vehicles.

Not a good place

Scouts still trying to survive. Taking fire from small arms.

StuG gets in the first hit

Remaining StuG takes out a Sherman and gets some help from down the road as the Marders spot and brew up the other M4.

Marders to the rescue

The Marders manage to KO a Sherman from their postions.

Aircobras attack!

P-39s spot some great targets and come in strafing with MGs and a 37mm cannon

Ducks on a bridge

Not a good day for this column. The P-39s are deadly with their guns.


It's good to be up here.


SPGs attempting to catch up with the lead Red Army columns took a short cut that came out on the east side of the woods. Jeep in the lead with battery commander.


They hope to be able to use their 76mm against the flank of the column.

More trouble

Looks pretty peaceful from here.

Marders at the front

The last StuG is burning in the orchard as the Marders move up to see what's left of the Shermans.

More Aircobras

This time four P-39s come a-strafing. The column has dispersed as best it can and both AA are putting up some lead. One P-39 sees a fat column off to the north--oops it's SU-76s.

Red on red

It sure looked like a German column:  and it's behind the front. Only managed to immobilize one SPG though.

More hits on the scattered column

The 20mm AA ges ripped up. Not much else gets harmed this time.

SU-76s fan out

Taking fire from three sides (and a P-39) the SPGs are muddled about.

Still action up front

SMG teams and remaining M4s still moving forward. The right hand Marder is taken out by one of the remaining Shermans.

More air support

Now its the turn of the Sturmoviks. Only one comes down for a bomb run.

Mortars also coming after SU-76s

The medium mortar battery gets a few rounds off against the SUs. Grenadiers are firing panzerfausts from the right and across the stream.


The Bison is also shelling the SPGs.

View from the Bison

Great position to target the SU-76s

Bison takes a hit

Too many shots to dodge from the battery. The Bison is KO'd.

High traffic area

Two burning M4s, one immobilized and abandoned. Burning Marder and Stug in the orchard that also has the remains of the shattered grenadier squad.

Remaining M4

The last Sherman is immobilized.

Pioneers close assault the remaining Sherman

Seeing that the M4 is engaged to its front and not much in the way of Russian small arms to contend with, the pioneers attempt a close assault. The unsuccessful engineers scuttle back to the bridge.

Smoking vehicles everywhere

Three T-34s, eight M4s, five M3 scout cars, three StuG IIIs and a Marder are casualties


Burning Shermans, StuGs and a Marder

Time to leave

Not a good place for open top vehicles, what with Panzerfausts, mortars and MGs finding the range.

View from the town

The 37mm AA and MMG can be seen here. The MMGs are engaging the Soviet infantry across the table. The 37mm managed to drive away the IL-2s.

Not much moving here

German mobile assets are down to one Marder. The Soviets have nada.

Sturmovik strike out

The lone IL-2 not only tried to target the SU-76s but was driven off by the 37mm AA.

The real spoiler

P-39s nailed the column good.