Tomaszow Lubelski


An IABSM! game that was representative of the attempted breakout by the Warsaw Mechanised Brigade and 1st Light Tank Battalion against the 4th Leichte Div on Sept 18, 1939 near the town of Tomaszow Lubelski in southern Poland

Mark Luther

Half of the Polish players

Dave Clayton, Jessie and Dave Parenti thinking about their objective of capturing the bridge and fords

Advance comes under fire

Fire from the hedgeline puts several wounds on lead platoon.

Poles taking fire

The lead platoon took some serious damage from the Germans in the hedgeline. Polish armour is back on the road as Blinds.

Poles fanning out

The platoons spread out to get more firepower on line and put some cover between themselves and the Germans

Overhead view of north corner

The Blinds are Polish infantry, horse-drawn 75s, and tankettes.

View from the German left

Poles on the ridge and firing on the other side of the hill.

TKS tankettes moving into village

They know that the Germans are in the hedgeline and probably elsewhere in the buildings. They hope to get around the flank of the hedge and force the Germans back.

TKS tankettes

The Germans immobilised one tankette and ran the others off with ATR and small arms fire.

Poilsh infantry and Tchankas under fire

Germans in the hedgeline and barn putting hits on the Polish units in the fields.

Another overhead view of town

The Poles must get to bridge in the bottom of the picture.

Overhead view of Polish town assault

Two platoons and tchankas moving through fields and coming under fire from defenders in the hedgeline. Blinds are dummies on the right and HQ squad in the rear and tanks on the road.

Centre of the board

The Blinds are the Vickers tank platoons to the right, tankettes in front of the church, horse drawn 75mms and a Polish infantry platoon in the left rear.

View from the German left

German left flank platoon decides to get aggressive and move in behind the Polish right on the slope.

Overhead view of the NE flank

German infantry trying to move around the Polish right flank. The Blind in the cemetery is horsedrawn 75mm. Tankettes around the church.

Tankettes ambushed

One of the TKS tankettes is immobilised and abandoned and the others are forced to retire. Meanwhile the Polish infantry move in on the German defenders.

Germans holding

Germans are down to holding out in the large barn and last building. And they are taking fire from several sides.

Poles take the town

The last German defenders have been evicted from the village by close assaulting Polish infantry.

Polish 75s and targets

75s have deployed in the cemetery to fire on the flanking German infantry platoon

Poles moving up into town

Remaining tankettes heading back into town along with infantry.

Tankettes and 75mms

Tankettes preparing to move into the floodplain towards the rightside ford. The 75s have been deployed to cover the Polish right flank.

German infantry taking 75 fire

The tail-end infantry trying to get behind the Poles is caught by the 75s

75s under mortar fire

50mm mortar fire causing problems for the 75 gunners. TKS tankettes moving towards a ford.

Lead Vickers platoon

1st platoon finally in position to move on the vital bridges and ford.

Vickers and TKS tankette

The 2nd Vickers platoon finally manages to get out past the infantry and catch up with the tankettes. Note the size differences.

Tankettes and Tanks charging downhill

A Vickers and TKS platoon heading for the ford on the right.

Here come the Panzers

Called back hastily to stopped the Polish armour attack. Unfortunately the Leichte division is almost exclusively Pz Is and IIs. One Pz I Command tank in the middle.

Panzers to the rescue

Pz I and IIs


Pz I and II moving through a field

Tankettes and Vickers

Tankettes giving covering fire as the Vickers head for the ford

Close up of Polish armour

Classic lines of mid-thirties tank design

Polish armour heading towards the bridge

Mortar fire dropping short.

Polish tanks crossing the ford on the right

Tankettes on road behind. Shot up Polish infantry by the river.

Vickers crossing the ford

Two twin turreted and a single turreted Vickers crossing unopposed.

Henschel 123s

Still in their prewar camo

Hs-123 attack

The horse drawn 75s make excellent targets

Bomb run

The Hs-123s and the medium mortars took out one 75mm and put some damage on the other.

Henschels coming in again

One bomb run down --coming back for a strafing run.

Strafing run

The Henschels came back for a machine gun pass. This was not effective though.

Confrontation at the ford

Panzers turning the corner to face the Polish armour. In this straight up fight the Vickers were forced to retire.

Panzers on the attack

The Polish tanks and tankettes have pulled back and the remaining Panzers are in pursuit.

Panzers Vor!

Panzers charge across bridge under cover of medium mortar barrage.

Pak sandwich

The about-to-captured Pak and Carrier caught between the Polish infantry and Vickers.

View on the northern flank

One ATG left

The lead Vickers takes a hit from the PaK

Polish armour forced back to the town

Tankettes and Vickers coming back through the town after retiring

Panzer looking sad

Only two Pz IIs left as runners

Last moments of the PaK

It took out two but couldn't withstand the last tank assault. The infantry in the field is using the wall for cover. Two 50mm mortars also in that position.

Lots of empty or burning tanks

The Vickers are abandoned along with the Panzers on this side of the river. The burning Pz I was a victim of the superb Polish ATRs

Panzers and grenadiers

Only two Pz IIs left running. The infantry is inside the buildings

Here come the tankettes

German ATR trying to knockout the TKS units

Tankettes moving back up to the church

TKS tankettes moving in on the German occupied church

The command Tankette with the 20mm still sits immobilised as its subordinates move back up the ridge

Overhead view of the German positions

Look at all the Panzers that are in bad shape

Twin turreted Vickers

Last victim of the PaK

Abandoned tanks

The two Vickers and Panzers knocked out in front of the Polish positions

Tankettes Advancing

Germans finding no sanctuary in the church

Knocked out Panzers

The burning Pz I is a victim of the Polish ATRs.

Burning Vickers with Pak about to be hit by partner

After driving away one single turret Vickers and setting the following tank on fire, the Pak 35 fell to the remaining Polish tank in that group.