The Tu Hah Bridge


In Sunday's game, the outnumbered Americans and their claymore mines showed the value of superior training, annihilating the NVA who tried to seize their bridge. The captain's platoon were destroyed in the open due to an unlucky movement roll, and the others were worn away as they tenaciously held on under heavy fire - even driving away two casevac choppers with a mix of RPG and machine gun fire. The final result was a military draw, but a massive political victory for the Free World, with a 17-52 split in points.


The set-up around Tu Hah


The two Tu Hah bridges


NVA Platoon 3 springs an ambush as it approaches the District Chief's mansion


Heavy opening NVA casualties as Claymores and M60s open up


The human wave falls a little short of its objective!


Brave Communist martyrs mine the bridge under heavy fire


The remnants of the Captain's platoon after a round of US fire


1 Platoon fall back, shattered


The enormous US base of fire between the bridges


Lieutenant Truc Ngoi sacrifices himself to blow thebridge


The company's weapons platoon ambushes the casevac detail


Cheated of a helicopter, the RPG team blows up the mansion instead!


Lieutenant Sweeney's platoon protect the LZ


The defenders of the injured