Army Lists

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 The Aphids

Alien space frogs from ZombieSmith, supported by powered armour from Battlestations and Scouts from Team Frog.

 ARC Fleet

Futuristic human army from Critical Mass Games with a good range of infantry types supported by a great range of vehicles: both grav-based and walkers.

 The Garn Confederation

 (including the Felids)

Khuransan Miniatures' range of tyranosaur like aliens. What the rest of the universe consider war crimes, the Garn call lunch!

The cat-like Felids are a subject race of the Garn.

 The Hive

A collection of alien space bugs from various manufacturers: the Spugs from Spriggan Games; Space Bugs from Highlander Studios Inc; and the Vespulid from Khurasan Miniatures. 

  The Kaamados Dominion

Another gorgeous army from Critical Mass Games. Lots of chunky infantry types backed up by plenty of armour.

 The Pelagic Dominate

Again from the excellent Khurasan Miniatures, the sinister Cnidarians hatch their plans for their Karkarine shark-men infantry to turn every planet into a waterworld, deploying their bug-like bio-weapons in support.

 The Protolene Khanate

Dog-like aliens from Critical Mass Games: a wide assortment of infantry and walkers.

 The Quar

New from ZombieSmith, the Quar are a warlike race with a technology level approximately equal to Earth's in WW1.