Pointe Du Hoc

~Find The Guns~


The first D-Day scenario I did was the first scenario from Where The Hell Have You Been, Boys?:  US Rangers try to find hidden guns protected by German troops.

Ranger D and E Companies advanced from a trench and took fire from sniper and MG42 from the farm. The Rangers took some hits, drove on, and close assaulted the building, taking out the MG42. They then moved down the road, found the sniper, and took him out. 

Then MG42 fire started from the south side as the Rangers advanced down the road. The MG42 causes some casualties, and pinned the advancing rangers, who are trying to spot the hard pavement road where the guns might be.

Some Ranger reinforcements from Company F luckily arrive to the east of the town of Le Guay. This draws the attention of the MG42 for a few turns, allowing the Ranger D and E Companies to advance and run across the road to the left using bocage as cover. They move off the table to the south, find and blow the guns.

Rangers win but the Germans but cost the Rangers 18 men.

George Gouveia