Pointe Du Hoc

~Holding The Pointe~


The second scenario I did was the second scenario from the D_Day scenario booklet Where The Hell Have You Been, Boys?. Tough sledding, but the Rangers held the line. One German squad got through past the gun near Rudder, but was easily cut down. The rest of the line took heavy casualties but held.

The Rangers defend the shellshocked landscape in a thin, stretched line. Colonel Rudder's command post is just south of the destroyed guns. They are to hold the Point at all costs.

A German company is spotted moving from the south east. Rangers start to open fire, causing hits amongst the Grenadiers. Luckily the Rangers with some accurate fire take out the advancing German MG42 team. Eventually the Germans take cover in an abandoned trench line. They engage the rangers in a firefight. Slowly the Rangers loses a few men and the Germans slowly start to advance to drive the Rangers to the cliffs. The Rangers hold the thin line.

More Germans are spotted to the West. One platoon of Rangers redeploys to cover that flank. Two platoons of Germans fall upon the Ranger position, and some close combat occurs across the Ranger LMG team, which holds off one assault but falls to the other. A small squad of Germans moves forward consolidating their gains, looking for a breakthrough. 

It was then the Colonel Rudder and his HQ open up and knock out the suicidal Germans. Eventually despite heavy losses to German mortars throughout the game, the Rangers hold the Pointe, driving the Germans back.

Well done Rangers, Pointe du Hoe has been held. Now we sit and await reinforcements!

George Gouveia