Line Company (Far East)


~1941 to 1942~


The Company represents the sort of force that might have fought the Japanese in either Burma or Malaya/Singapore during the period where it seemed that nothing could stop the "Yellow Peril" from marching all the way to Bombay! As such, it is a mix of troops, both British and "Indian", all working together to fight their way through to safety.


I have only included those figures painted specifically to represent troops fighting in the Far East: obviously in any wargame the figures below could be augmented by figures from my BEF force (c.f.). 



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Company HQ

1st Platoon

2nd Platoon

3rd Platoon

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Company HQ Sikh Platoon Baluch Platoon Gurkha Platoon

Support Units


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Scout Patrol

(Indian Pattern Carriers)

Armoured Car Patrol

(Rolls Royce ACs)

Armoured Car Patrol

(Marmon Herrington ACs)

Troop from 7th Hussars

(Stuart "Honey" Tanks)

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MMG Platoon (British)

(Vickers MMGs)

MMG Platoon (part)

(Vickers MMGs)

MMG Platoon (Indian)

(Vickers MMGs)

Transport Platoon


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Section of Horse Artillery

(25pdr Guns)

-Section AA Guns

(37mm Bofors)

Nordenfelt Projector & Humber Beaverette

Chinese Allies!