The Defense of the Motherland is in your hands!

From the pen of Robert Avery comes Vyazma or Bust, the latest scenario/campaign supplement for IABSM. Set in Russia in the autumn of 1941, Vyazma or Bust is a wargaming tour de force. The supplement contains over a dozen scenarios that may be played individually, or for greater enjoyment as part of a linked campaign: 126 pages of high quality wargaming. As Robert says in his introduction:

"In the campaign you will find a large variety of different scenarios, featuring a wide variety of different terrain, weather, objectives, numbers and troop types. Infantry, cavalry, armour...there's even an armoured train."

Available in the ever-popular PDF format that allows the gamer to print out just what he needs for each game, the supplement includes full briefings for each side, maps, umpires notes and a flow chart to allow you to chart the progress of your force as you attempt to drive on towards Moscow or repel the fascist invader of the Motherland!