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31st December 2008

After Action Report

Battle report and photographs from Scenario 1 of the Cymru Am Byth scenario pack, covering the actions of the Welsh Guards around Arras.

19th December 2008

After Action Report

Two AARs from George Gouveia from the first two scenarios from the D-Day supplement Where The Hell Have You Been, Boys?

5th December 2008

After Action Report

This year's TFL Games Day focussed on the Allied airborne landings that were the immediate precursor to D-Day. Lardies throughout the world played games themed around this event.

Broadly speaking, activities at Lard HQ focussed on the British 6th Airborne Division's operations; whilst other islands of Lard around the globe played games focussing on the US 82nd Airborne Division's operations.

In all, fourteen games were played: reports are here.

4th July 2008

Charlie Don't Surf

More photographs from the recent 2008 Games Day, where the same four scenarios were used by Lardies around the world to give the rules a final play-test before publication.

We now have photographs from Lard Island; Denmark; Tasmania and North California.

You can go straight to the AAR here.

28th June 2008

Charlie Don't Surf

I've added a new section to the site dedicated to Charlie Don't Surf: the soon-to-be-published Vietnam War rules from the TooFatLardies.

The only thing in the section at the moment is an AAR from the recent 2008 Games Day, where the same four scenarios were used by Lardies around the world to give the rules a final play-test before publication.

You can go straight to the AAR here.

19th April 2008

After Action Report After a work- and baby-enforced absence, a whole raft of battle reports added:
  • French vs Yanks in Tunisia courtesy of Max Maxwell and fort Perdu Encore.

  • Zutpeyne with the Gloucesters again, from Jan Spoor.

  • The Vyazma or Bust scenario pack features with action at Izdeshkovo from Steve Burt and from near Belyj from Huscarle.

  • A battle from Cymru Am Byth: the Welsh Guards in action near the Albert Canal, courtesy of Oddball.

10th September 2007

Buy Stuff

The "Anzio: Wildcat to Whale" scenario pack is now available!

Are You Wildcat Or Whale?

Hit the beaches or defend the hills with Robert Avery's latest pdf scenario booklet for "I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!"

An extensive history of the first month of Operation Shingle, the Allied invasion of Italy at Anzio in January 1944, accompanied by twenty-one unique scenarios for "I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!" including attacks, counter-attacks, encounter battles, desperate defences, fighting retreats, and ambushes!

Players will encounter a huge variety of troop types: line infantry, Guardsmen, Parachute infantry (on both sides), Luftwaffe ground troops (a penal battalion at that), Rangers and more. Fight them over terrain as testing as anything encountered in any theatre of the war: flat ground, muddy ground, wadis...Anzio has it all!

Each scenario contains a background history, maps, a full game briefing, and a full briefing for each player. Simply print out the pages you need, unpack your figures, set up the table, and away you go! You can see sample pages by clicking here.

Available now, along with Robert's previous booklets The Defence of Calais; Vyazma or Bust; Fall of the Lion Gate; and Bloody Burma.

"Anzio: Wildcat to Whale " contains the following scenarios: The Mussolini Canal; Carroceto; The Road to Cisterna; The Road to Sessano; The Huts; Cisterna; The Cisterna Creek Ravine; Campoleone Railway Station; Towards the Vallelata Ridge; Highway 7; The Campoleone Salient; East of The Factory; Aprilia; North of Carroceto; Carroceto Again; Aprilia Again; Fischfang Day One - A; Fischfang Day One - B; Fischfang Day Two; Fischfang Day Three; and Fischfang Day Four.

6th September 2007

After Action Report An excellent report, with plenty of pictures, of how the "Lardies West of the Rockies" fought their first battle from the Fall of the Liongate scenario pack.
TooFatLardies A reminder that with the first of the latest product releases arriving next week, the current TFL Summer Sale must end this coming Monday, the 10th of September.

So, to make the most of their 3-4-2 PDF offer: pay for two and get the third item free, check out their website now!

Rules and scenario supplements can be had for fantastic prices that help you get over your exchange rate blues. Orders received before midnight GMT on the 10th of September will qualify for this great savings.

News My next scenario booklet, Anzio: Wildcat to Whale, covering Operation Shingle over the period 22nd Jan to 19th Feb 1944, will be available on Monday 10th September.

28th August 2007

After Action Report Report from a playtest of Scenario 20 of the soon-to-be-released Anzio supplement. The Germans try to break through the US lines as part of Operation Fischfang.

13th August 2007

After Action Report Scenario One from the Fall of the Lionsgate supplement: the Japanese enter WW2 at Kota Bahru, Singapore (not Pearl Harbour: due to international time zones, the attack on Kota Bahru was actually before Pearl Harbour).
News My next scenario booklet, Anzio: Wildcat to Whale, covering Operation Shingle over the period 22nd Jan to 19th Feb 1944, will be available in early September. All written now: just needs proofing and the cover!

6th July 2007

After Action Report Exciting action from the Kranji Penninsular. Will the Ockers hold the Japs at bay?

1st June 2007

After Action Report More battle reports loaded. This time we have two from the Charlemagne mini-campaign from the 2006 Xmas Special, and two from the Fall of the Liongate scenario supplement.

18th May 2007

After Action Report Ditto for three reports from Edward Sturges.

17th May 2007

After Action Reports I have uploaded around five battle reports that Richard Clarke had previously posted on the TFL Yahoo Group. 

10th January 2007

After Action Reports A battle report from Martin Bailey added to the Tales from Vyazma sub-section. The Soviets get a bloody nose near Belyj.

8th January 2007

Buy Stuff

Nice stuff said about my scenario booklets on TMP:

From Seattle Gamer:


I think they are a great, and quite reasonably priced too, making them even better. I have them all so that's my ringing endorsement.

You want to know what they are like, and their production values? Picking one at random here are a few particulars:

Vyazma or Bust – by Robert Avery. Russian Front, late 1941. 19 scenarios, 4.05mb PDF, 126 pages, full colour cover.

Seven pages of intro, table of contents, campaign notes, how the battles link together (complete with diagrams), and a list of all minis needed per scenario. This is followed by 10 colour maps, one for each scenario (yes, there are 19 different scenarios, but they are fought over 10 different battlefields). These start on p9. This is followed by details for all 19 scenarios. A typical scenario gets 5-6 pages of info, but a few get up to 8 pages. Scenario details start on p19 and run thru p125.

A typical scenario has:

- Overall game briefing, special rules, and a list of cards needed (1 page).

- German player briefing with objectives, deployment, terrain notes, availability of air support, and detailed troop listings (several pages).

- Russian player briefing (similar to the German player, also several pages).

The campaign is very nicely laid out. The battles interlock in EXACTLY the way you would want them to. You start the campaign with Scenario 1. If the Germans win, you proceed to Scenario 2a. If the Russians win, you proceed to Scenario 2b.

If the main drive gets thwarted, you get sidetracked. If you can pull off a few victories, then you are back heading towards your main objective. If not, your attack eventually stalls and the Russians counterattack, trying to drive you back.

So the campaign can end with a Total German Victory, a German Victory, a Tie, a Russian Victory, or a Total Russian Victory. You can, of course, simply play any of the 19 as a one-off game, and ignore any of the campaign stuff.

Except for the 10 pages of colour maps (they look hand drawn in some sort of graphics program) this bundle is devoid of artwork. It's all straight text with tables and lists where needed.

This one is actually about average for length.

The earliest one is Sealion at 43 pages, and other than maps, no art. Calais is 90 pages and is sprinkled with colour and piccys (of actual models fighting it out). Then along came this one at 126 pages.

Now leap forward a year or two to another campaign by the same author: Fall of the Lion Gate. It's comes in at a whopping 236 pages. He sprinkled actual photos of the war throughout the thing. That one is 21 scenarios, broken into two separate campaign parts.

And Bloody Burma (also by Robert Avery) is 261 pages, 24 scenarios, with some period photos and drawings included for good measure.

The Campaign for Greece is "only" 104 pages, but contains 16 scenarios, and even includes the air campaign (if you wanted to use the Bag the Hun game to play that out as well). Chris Stoesen (author of the above) also did a scenario book for East Africa called Call This a Ruddy Picnic. Weighs in at 138 pages, 23 scenarios, and once again, includes the air campaign as well.

Anyway, like I said, a great source of scenarios, and very reasonably priced.

From Dom Skelton:

I love 'em. The general trend has been that the recent ones are a lot longer; especially where Mr Avery's concerned, as there's no stopping the man once he's fired up. That said, even the "thinnest" are cracking value, and the scenarios are generally pretty even with the odd stitch-up to keep everyone on their toes. Actually, I'm tempted to revisit the Sea Lion book soon, as I'm currently painting early war Germans.

20th November 2006

Buy Stuff

The "Bloody Burma" scenario pack is now available!

You’ll be Banzai-ing with the best of them again this Christmas with "Bloody Burma": Robert Avery ’s latest pdf scenario booklet for “I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum!”

"Bloody Burma" contains an extensive history of the Japanese invasion of Burma in 1941/2, accompanied by twenty-four unique, company-level scenarios designed for “I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum!” but easily adaptable to other systems. It includes attacks, counter-attacks, encounter battles, fighting retreats, ambushes, and even an attempt to rescue POW’s!

“Bloody Burma” begins gently with a couple of infantry-only actions in the jungles of southern Burma, but rapidly progresses to full scale combined arms warfare (infantry, tanks, artillery and aircraft) on the plains and in the dense woods around Rangoon. Finally, the action moves to the high ground and river valleys to the north of Burma, as British, Indian and Chinese troops desperately try and hold off the rampaging Japanese for long enough to make their getaway!

Each scenario contains a background history, maps, a full game briefing, and a full briefing for each player. Simply print out the pages you need, unpack your figures, set up the table, and away you go! There's plenty of information given with each scenario, allowing easy conversion to other systems.

"Bloody Burma " contains the following scenarios: Operation Yacht; Kawkareik; Moulmein ; Paung; Kuzeik; Danyingon; The Yinon Road; Bilin; Pagoda Hill; Mokpalin; Payagyi; Pegu; Taukkyan; Pyuntaza; Henzada; Kyungon; Shwedaung; Kokkogwa; Myingun; Yenangyaung; Htuchaung; Kyaukse; Monywa; and Shwegyin.

3rd November 2006

After Action Reports A battle report from the Fall of the Lion Gate scenario pack: Baluchs try and hold off the Japanese at the village of Nee Soon on Singapore.

3rd September 2006

After Action Reports Battle report from "Hell's Highway".

24th July 2006

After Action Reports Phil Gray has sent me some pictures of a recent game using the Airstrip Road scenario from Fall of the Lion Gate.
I've also collected together all the Vyazma or Bust battle reports that I could find and grouped them together on one page. See Tales from Vyazma for details.

18th July 2006

After Action Reports I have now added even more picture from the recent TFL Malaya Day 2006.

10th July 2006

After Action Reports An Ostfront battle report added.

1st July 2006

Armies Gallery

I've added photos of my Fallschirmjagers. A mix of Battlefront and Peter Pig models painted in the Splinter Tan and Water patterns.

21st June 2006

After Action Reports I have added a microsite for the recent TFL Malaya Day 2006: where almost a score of the country's finest Lardies gathered to re-fight the battle of Lardak, a thinly disguised version of the battle of Kampar.

The microsite contains all the briefing documents, photographs and after action reports for the day. If anyone there has anything else to add (the missing AAR's or some more photographs) please click here to e-mail them to me.

14th May 2006

Armies Gallery

In preparation for the TFL Malaya Day next weekend, I've posted a gallery of my Japanese Company...just to give the British players a taste of what they might come up against!

9th May 2006

Buy Stuff

I have checked and re-vamped the page that allows you to buy all the scenario packs that I have written for IABSM.  Some of the buttons weren't working...but they are now!

20th April 2006

Cards & Blinds

A card set for early war Russians added.

After Action Reports "On the Road to Gravelines" after action report added.

19th April 2006

Cards & Blinds

I've added a section where you can download pdf's of the cards and blinds used to play IABSM.

17th April 2006

Vis Lardica Launches

I am delighted to announce that I have finally got round to constructing my own WW2 wargaming website:

VL is dedicated to the TooFatLardies (TFL) company-level rules for WW2 wargaming "I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!" (IABSM) and contains a positive cornucopia of content: after action reports, including pictures and words on the TFL Crete and Stalingrad days; an army gallery; figure reviews; sample excerpts from the Calais, Vyazma and Liongate IABSM scenario packs (see under "Buy Stuff")…and a whole lot more. Enough wargamer porn to keep everyone happy until Salute!