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30th September 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

Soviet Rifle Company

Soviet Tank Company

One thing I do like to do is to make sure my troops have enough transport: I'm a real fan of "tail". No surprise then that the latest addition to my collection are the Soviet engineer trucks from Battlefront i.e. their usual trucks with some cargo added in!

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

British Parachute Company

I've also added the cleaned up Battle for Liberation gallery for the British Parachute Company. These are the raw paratroopers who are limited to what they can carry as they are dropped out of the plane. The British Air Landing Company follows shortly...


24th September 2013

Quadrant 13

A change from I Ain't Ben Shot, Mum! as the first of the Gitungi support weapons roll off the production line. These are Recovery Drones which will feature in my Q13 Gitungi army list as engineers: not so good for fighting, but useful for engineering tasks such as mine an obstacle clearing and, more importantly, armed with the Gitungi equivalent of smoke generators.

Click on the Gitungi symbol on the left to go to the Gitungi army gallery.


23rd September 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

German Gebirgsjaeger Company

One more gallery re-done: the German mountain troops or Gebirgsjaeger.


22nd September 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

Soviet Rifle Company

Soviet Tank Company

German Fallschirmjaeger Company

British Armoured Squadron

As I can't seem to get any gaming in at the moment, I am taking the opportunity to re-catalogue my collection of WW2 models for IABSM. This is an important task that all wargamers must do on a regular basis!

First place to start was with the two IABSM v3 handbooks that are currently available: Battle for Liberation for the western front and Vpered Na Berlin for the eastern front.

So far I have re-catalogued my late war Soviets and Fallschirmjaeger, and re-written the intro to the British Armoured Squadron list, with the results manifesting themselves as new listings in the Army Galleries section (at the bottom).

On the left are the galleries done so far...


19th September 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

Chris Stoesen has released another scenario book for IABSM, In The Name of Roma!, containing a selection of platoon and company level scenarios for the Italians on the Eastern Front.

I've already got the book, and it looks excellent. Here's the blurb from Chris' website:

In July of 1941, the 80° Roma Regiment of the Pasubio Division boarded a train bound for Romania. Along with the rest of the Italian Expeditionary Corps in Russia (Corpo di Spedizione Italiano), they would advance through the Ukraine alongside their German allies. In the coming months, the 80° would be engaged in brutal fighting across 1400 miles of the Eastern Front – covering most of that on foot.

IN THE NAME OF ROMA is a wargame supplement that contains 30 company and platoon level scenarios covering the actions of the 80a Roma Regiment from August to December of 1941. You’ll follow the 80th from the open steppe to the Donetz industrial basin, including the amphibious attacks across the Dnieper, and the fateful decision of Column Chiarimonti to attempt to seize Nikitovka.


  • 30 scenarios divided in six distinct campaigns

  • Historical background information and period area maps

  • Italian and Soviet briefing for each scenario

  • Formation information and stats for Early War Italians and Soviets

  • Forward by Richard Clarke

Though primarily written for the Too Fat Lardies rules systems (I Ain’t Been Shot Mum; Troops, Weapons, and Tactics; and the newly released Chain of Command), the scenarios in IN THE NAME OF ROMA work equally well with Arc of Fire, Bolt Action, Flames of War or your favorite rules system.

IN THE NAME OF ROMA is available for $11 US. Send the money via PayPal to and I will e-mail the PDF to you as soon as possible.

Follow this link to get a free sample scenario from the book.


8th September 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

Armies Gallery

Late War British

I have finally finished my squadron of Cromwell tanks for the later British force. These models, all fifteen of them, are all from Plastic Soldier Company, bought for a grand total of £51!

The models are very nice, and with plenty of options. You can have the normal gun or the 95mm howitzer support weapon; you can add the allegedly-fictious, boccage-clearing prongs; and you can add the cover that sits over the exhaust grill and stops the enemy spotting a tank starting its engine from the gout of black exhaust fired straight up in the air!

Mine are organised into a Squadron HQ of three tanks (CinC with exhaust hood, 2inC with prongs, support tank), then four troops of three tanks each (two with exhaust hoods, two without).

Click on the link to the left to see them organised into troops, but here are some shots of one individual tank and the whole squadron:




31st August 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

After Action Reports


Brian Cantwell continues the Blenneville or Bust! campaign with action around the small village of Avaux. Will the British armour manage to smash though the German lines? Read on to find out!


26th August 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

After Action Reports

Sorry there hasn't been much from me lately: all my time has been spent painting up my 15mm squadron of Cromwell tanks, courtesy of Plastic Soldier Company. I'm just finishing the basing now, so pictures etc soon.

Meanwhile, here are three battle reports. Hedgerow Hell is one from last weekend, the other two are from last year.

Hedgerow Hell

First Run at IABSM

Second Run at IABSM


24th August 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

After Action Reports

Slugfest at the Crossroads

Here's something we don't see very often: two AARs about the same game. The Mad Padres and James Mantos each provide words and pictures about the Slugfest at the Crossroads: a squadron of Shermans encounter German tanks and supports in France, 1944.

Quadrant 13

15mm Figure Manufacturers

I've added Ion Age Miniatures and Clear Horizon Miniatures to the list of 15mm figure manufacturers. 

Here are my favourite from the Ion Age range so far: the Maligs:

And here's the latest release from Clear Horizon: an excellent drop pod


9th August 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

After Action Reports

The Wasatch Front Historical Gaming Society (WFHGS) produce a lovely little pdf wargaming magazine three to four times a year called Warning Order.

Warning Order is packed full of reviews, AARs and, best of all, recent issues have contained a series of nostalgia pieces looking back at the recent history of wargaming. I experienced several flashbacks to my school days when reading them! Highly recommended.

Warning Order issue #33 contains a very positive review of IABSM v3 and an AAR; Warning Order issue #35 another IABSM v3 AAR. Both are reprinted here with kind permission of the WFHGS.

On The Road To Moscow

German Armoured Assault

Charlie Don't Surf

After Action Reports

An excellent AAR from Charles Eckart re-visiting the first scenario from the Charlie Don't surf scenario pack: Surf's Up!

The Great Rice Hunt


1st August 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

Armies Galleries

The Soviets

I finally got around to ordering and painting the newish BA-10 Soviet armoured cars from Zvezda, but ordered through Plastic Soldier Company.

They are the usual plastic, snap-together affair, with each one taking only a few minutes to put together. Although the picture, below, is not very good, they are nice looking models that, on the tabletop, look no different from resin or metal models. At less than £2 a pop, as well, they are very good value.

Just a few hints for those of you who have yet to put any together:

1) Before you do anything else, drill out the headlight holes on the main hull piece A4. You will find it nigh on impossible to mount the headlights otherwise. Just use a pin drill (or even just a pin!) to widen the hole so that when you come to step [3] in your build, the horizontal headlight strut will slide right into the hole, giving you the fulcrum you need to place the vertical strut successfully.

2) When going through step [1], don't push the main hull pieces A4 right onto the knob on which they go. If they are jammed in hard, they are actually too close together to properly fit the base and the roof. Push them on firmly, but not ultimately, and then adjust as you put the base step and roof on during steps [1] and [2].

3) Before starting step [2], I glued pieces A1 and A2 together. 

4) The headlights are a right pain in the bum to seat during step [3]. If you've remembered to drill the hole I suggest in (1) above, then life is a lot easier. Pop a tiny blob of glue in the hole in the hull and on the tiny notch on the mudguard that seats the vertical headlight strut. Put the horizontal headlight strut in the hole and position so the vertical headlight strut is vertical and sitting on the mudguard. Now gently push the vertical headlight strut sideways until it catches on the notch in the mudguard.

5) The back wheels are challenging in step [4], but just take things slow and you shouldn't have any problems...but be careful when pushing the wheels onto their knobs. I brace the disc on the end of the knob against the nails of my thumb and forefinger, and then push the wheel slowly but firmly on with the other hand. Oh, and the gap between the two back axles is exactly that: a gap. They come with a bit of sprue between them that needs removing!

6) Seating the front axle, however, is even worse than the headlights! I tried it with the wheels on the axle, and then with the axle on its own: I think 'wheels-on' is the way to go, but it is still tricky to seat the axle in the holes on the hull. The only way I could do it (and even then I almost broke the damn thing each time) is to very lightly place the axle where it is supposed to go on the hull. Then I held it lightly in place (too much pressure and it moves) whilst I used a pin drill (I know, I know!) to push really, really hard against the square bit on top of the axle that holds the two knobs that go into the hull. It then should (should!) grindingly pop into the holes in the hull.

Hope that helps!

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

15mm Figure Manufacturers

I've added Minairons to the list of 15mm figure manufacturers. Although their main focus is the Spanish Civil War, that's close enough for me!


29th July 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

After Action Reports

Battle for St.Conquest

A lovely looking battle report created in the style of those action comics we all loved so much when we were young. Thanks to Paul from the movealongnownothingtoseehere blog for permission to reproduce it here.


Quadrant 13

I've updated the Gitungi list to take into account the latest releases from Micropanzer

Three different types of drone to back up the superb Gitungi infantry:  a drone recovery drone; an assault drone; and a destroyer drone. Click on the picture for the updated list.


26th July 2013

Quadrant 13

WWW2 US Gallery

A few bits and pieces of painting finally finished - there's something about the hot weather that makes it impossible to paint and, I think, affects the varnish too!

First up, the support walkers for the Weird World War 2 US army from Clockwork Goblin. Very nice figures, as I've come to expect from CG, which go together very easily, and paint up well. 

On the left, the Kodiak Walker; on the right, the Ursus Walker:


Unfortunately I've glued the Ursus at a bit too much of a downwards angle, but that should just make shots that include it on the tabletop a bit more varied.

Then I've also finished the Royalist platoon for the Quar from Zombiesmith. I haven't added them to the official Gallery yet, as I forgot to photograph them by section, but here's a sneak preview of the leg-infantry element of a Royalist 'company':


20th July 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

After Action Reports

North of Caen

Action from the Small Sagas blog, where they re-fight the first scenario from the IABSMv3 rulebook: North of Caen.


6th July 2013

I Ain't Been Shot, Mum!

After Action Reports

Brig's Peak

Another great IABSM AAR from East Africa in 1941. This time, James Morris describes the desperate fight for Brig's Peak.


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